Gold ring

Gold ring

With the chiseled ring forming a longitudinal nerve flanked by small globules; The chaton or gem is smooth and has a small hole in the center. In one of the most unusual complexes or districts of the center of the Castro's croa, this precious gold jewel of late Roman type and chronology was adorned with a prasian gem, a greenish variety of agate and chalcedony.

The rings are relatively common in Roman archaeological contexts, but they are more rare in Castrean settlements. However, given the main occupation of this late Galician-Roman castro, this site provided several funds of this type, made of bronze, iron, jet and gold, as is the case of this example, of great beauty and perfection by the Fine carving of its ring and by the beautiful simplicity of the precious stone gem that carries set.

Gold and agate
Cultural context 
Measurements (cm) 
2 (Ø max.). 10,8 gr. 


  • Viladonga, 27259 - Castro de Rei (Lugo)
    Galicia, España
    N 43º 09' 38.97" W 7º 23' 19.32"
  • 982 870 160

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