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Dedicated to the knowledge, study and understanding of the Castro de Viladonga and Celtic world after the roman conquer.

Highlighted Pieces

Ceramic, coins, ornaments, hunting tools and home tools ... a 3D study of some of the most significant pieces that are under the custody of the museum can be done.

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A video with virtual demonstrations about Castro de Viladonga appearance in ancient times and lifestyle reproduction of those times.

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Visit Viladonga from home with the virtual visit to the Hillfort and the virtual tour to the museum.


Os Minhotos. Galician traditional music group Day of the Galician Letters
May, 17
International Museum Day Activity 2017 International Museum Day
Every year on May, 18
The Night of Museums activities. 2017 The Night of Museums
Every year on the closest Saturday to May, 18
Pottery workshop Workshops for schoolchildren
All year


Cistern. 2019
29 Jul

On July 23, the tender announcement of the contract for the extension of the commissioning works of the northeastern sector of the Castro district of Viladonga co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (80%) was made

"Aventura no Castro de Viladonga"
23 Oct
Small hand mill
10 Oct
Case finished the work in the castro, atopouse this small catillus
Pieces prepared by workshop participants
03 Oct

On Saturday 23 and Sunday 24, an experimental workshop of castrexa ceramics was carried out at the Museo do Castro de Viladonga (Castro de Rei-Lugo) by the restorer Sandra Obarrio, from the Terra Termarum Castrolandín Foundation

The findings continue in the Viladonga excavations. On this occasion, a set of three handles of bronze and one of iron.
02 Oct

On August 21 began work on archaeological excavations in the northwestern section of the wall, following the area involved in the previous campaign. In the next few years, other areas will be used to prepare and consolidate other structures.

Castro de Viladonga
20 Sep
Participants in Xuvenciencia 2017 in the Museo do Castro de Viladonga
21 Jul

On July 7, 20 students participating in the 2016 Summer Scientific-Technical Campus, USC Campus Terra, Lugo Campus, visited the castro and the Viladonga Museum.

 An excavation in the Castro de Viladonga slide
20 Jul

The Museo do Castro de Viladonga has just carry out the digitization of approximately 8,000 slides which form part of its broad documentary.

Xuvenciencia in The Museum of The do Castro de Viladonga 2017
29 Jun

Votive Ax (Monte da Trinidade, Vilamor, Mondoñedo)
28 Jun

In May, the Castro do Viladonga Museum, as a center assigned by the Xunta de Galicia for the technical management of materials from the archaeological activities of the province of Lugo, was provisionally deposited with an exceptional find.



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    Galicia, España
    N 43º 09' 38.97" W 7º 23' 19.32"
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