Conservation and restoration

Consolidation and restoration. 2016

Outdoor archaeological sites suffer the effects of cold and humidity, that’s why maintenance measures must be regular to keep them in good state. From the moment the archaeological excavation begins, the exhumed structures deterioration starts.

Castro de Viladonga, the one Chamoso Lamas started excavating in 1972, had conservation and consolidation work regularly that allowed its survival until today.

Until 2008, the interventions were punctual, referring to excavated areas in each campaign or repairing those walls where inclement weather produced damages. From then an integral conservation and restoration project was undertook for the entire site.



  • Viladonga, 27259 - Castro de Rei (Lugo)
    Galicia, España
    N 43º 09' 38.97" W 7º 23' 19.32"
  • 982 870 160

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