The restoration process of a Celtic pot

Poster for the exhibition The restoration process of a Celtic pot


Available for travelling from 1 june 2017

It is explained in six panels, with detailed written and graphic information, the different stages of the restoration work made in 93 ceramic fragments found in the archaeological excavations made by Manuel Chamoso Lamas in this Hillfort in the ‘60ies of the last century. The patient work of restauration allowed rebuilding the complete shape of a big Celtic pot, of domestic use for storing and cooking and with 26 l of capacity, belonging to a kind of ceramic used in the Northwest for several centuries (at least between IV century BC and III century AD).

The recipient was showed for the first time in this exhibition and, in addition of its archaeological interest and its utility to know the ancient processes of manufacturing, allows valuing the work made in a heritage that is sometimes very fragmented but which always offers important historical information added to its properly cultural value.

This restored piece belongs, nowadays, to the permanent exhibition of the Museo Arqueológico Nacional (MAN).



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