Participantes en Xuvenciencia 2017 non Museo do Castro de Viladonga

Participants in Xuvenciencia 2017 in the Museo do Castro de Viladonga
July 21, 2017

On July 7, 20 students participating in the 2016 Summer Scientific-Technical Campus, USC Campus Terra, Lugo Campus, visited the castro and the Viladonga Museum.

During the visit they participated in several workshops in which they learned to document and catalogue, through the application DOMUS (integrated system of documentation and museum management), some archaeological pieces under the supervision of the museum staff; also learned the rudiments of the traditional cooking of ceramics, with the collaboration of artisans of the company Barroenvivo and approached the work of archaeological field in the castro.

Participants in this summer campus, aged 15 to 18, students of E.S.O. And Bachillerato, coming from different locations in Galicia, Spain, Portugal and Brazil, Were accompanied by professors Elena Freire Paz, Department of Philosophy and Anthropology and Ana Cabado Church, Department of History, both USC. Campus of Lugo.

Those attending this campus intend to study university in subjects as varied as Health Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Economics, Law or Archeology.

Xuvenciencia 2017
Archaelogical documentation workshop. Xuvenciencia 2017
Workshop of ceramista firing. Xuvenciencia 2017


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    Galicia, España
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