With a chain of suspension above the ear. The main body is composed of twenty flat lamellae glued together forming a lunar crescent figure, while the chain is composed of several twisted wires and with a small cylindrical tube at one end, decorated with waves in two bands. Has an oval ring. This jewel corresponds to a type quite common among the castreños earrings, in the form of kidney or crescent moons, which are usually composed of several (twenty in this piece) very fine gold sheets and glued. In this case also appeared his chain, also of gold of fine threads interlaced to place it above the ear. Like the torques, this jewel -of feminine use- although it is of a type and chronology castreño (around the III.-I.C.), has a great survival in the time by its intrinsic value and by its symbolic significance of power and wealth within the Galician-Roman community that inhabited this Castro until the s. V d.C.
Cultural context 
Castro Culture
Measurements (cm) 
3,5 x 3. 23,8 gr.


  • Viladonga, 27259 - Castro de Rei (Lugo)
    Galicia, España
    N 43º 09' 38.97" W 7º 23' 19.32"
  • 982 870 160
  • museo.viladonga@xunta.gal

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