Votive Ax (Monte da Trinidade, Vilamor, Mondoñedo)

Votive Ax (Monte da Trinidade, Vilamor, Mondoñedo)
June 28, 2017

In May, the Castro do Viladonga Museum, as a center assigned by the Xunta de Galicia for the technical management of materials from the archaeological activities of the province of Lugo, was provisionally deposited with an exceptional find. It is a votive ax, from Monte da Trinidade (Vilamor, Mondoñedo), made in bronze and which can be related, for its iconographic reasons, to the series of "sacrificial bronzes" found in the northwest peninsular.


  • Viladonga, 27259 - Castro de Rei (Lugo)
    Galicia, España
    N 43º 09' 38.97" W 7º 23' 19.32"
  • 982 870 160
  • museo.viladonga@xunta.gal

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